The Great Pretenders – I’m hanging you out to dry

                    Stop re-reading the same story about a relationship gone wrong. Stop pulling destructive scenes with special effects from your visual memory every time there is severe weather. And stop comparing yourself to celebrities. US weekly may show you a picture of a pretty lady shopping, and while she may be familiar, and yes you too like Tide, she is not just like, us. And worse yet, stop watching news that has worked hard to mirror what news networks look like in movies. It seems that Hollywood’s impulsive behavior and obsession with material items has rewarded these socialites to the point that their milestones and mishaps become part of our country’s mandatory updates. Of course we watch their lives when we can, they live unaffected by the real world. Wouldn’t we all like that kind of lifestyle? It is this obsession with fame among the masses that has given a new meaning to the American Dream.

In a day when anyone can publish his or her life’s moments as a commodity, our society has come down with a psychosis that combines narcissism with paranoid delusion. Reality-based entertainment has seduced this country into living in a state of pretend. People are inclined to sensationalize their life into something that no one has experienced before and deny the current state they are living in. Could this be a learned behavior, or a by-product of living under a government that communicates in ultimatums and color-coded scare tactics? Are we fitting the description of a child, spoiled due to overindulgence, parented by a government that has forsaken their health in pursuit of being right? They hand us distractions and deceit daily to cover up their losses, and we accept, as well as taking on the notion that all doesn’t have to be okay to present an image that is. And what’s worse than pretend, is self-medicating to decrease awareness altogether.

But how can anyone not have seen this coming? Almost everything that we eat is fake: packaged and processed with man-made synthetics pretending to be something it isn’t. What do we expect from a food source that is funneling into the governments pockets? And what can we expect from a society that doesn’t eat real food?

If it isn’t getting you to think and worry about death, then it’s down right, no punches pulled, killing you. How much corn syrup or soybean oil does a person need? 

There is corn in your chewing gum! Do you know the FDA allows hydrogenated oils in most of the food you eat, so you can go around swallowing death on your own accord, yes death, because that is what Trans fats are, as well as artificial sweeteners, both in gum! The FDA has also allowed companies to list this toxin under different names in an effort to maintain sales. It is as if they have bottled up a way to kill you, get you to carry it around with you all day, chewing for reasons that they have made you believe about your breath being just awful, and the worst part is you spend thousands of dollars on it yearly. How does it feel to be paying your own way out of your body?

The saddest conclusion is so few people are even interested in facts. They are not informed of the truth, nor do they care to be. It just isn’t as important as watching the next highly advertised new hit series and buying name brand items at astronomical values. What about those that know things are askew yet, feel powerless because so many are able to get along living in the same conditions. These mopes are the ones saying yes to commercials advocating sadness with ridiculous questions like: Do you wake up tired? Are you unable to stay focused throughout the day? They are sold on their own depression and start the first cycle of a lifetime, DNA altering drug. So, worse than pretending, i.e. going along with the American dream, there are people dreaming while popping pills to be okay living. It is easier for people to have a cocktail or two, and talk about what public lives are doing wrong. It is better for them to pretend that they are energized, healthy, and happy with a coffee in one hand and an energy bar in the other, carrying a bag of pharmaceutical help on their back.

GoodNight Summer- I think you’re outta here

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