Getting Pres

Where did our respect for the President go? But not just the person, but the Presidency. Disrespectful banter and  bashing jokes date back to Bush, but please America, let us not be another version of that guy. The one that knows his flaws, but is without enough maturity to correct bad habits.

This is a time for us to decide what we respect, promote and honor from our people. I can’t help but draw a connection from the presidential election to a job interview. On the one hand, the applicant is supposed to be confident and authoritative, but a wise employer should want someone that is humble and still willing to ask questions.

The President in every election deserves respect. I’d like to remind people (including myself) that we are not going to be president, and we do not know all of the pieces even if we were courageous enough to try to put them together.

I watched Michelle Obama smile back at the hungry hands of the front row from Last night’s debate. I observed how she didn’t have her children with her and yet, I wonder if I only noticed it’s contrast to the new faces on the other side of the stage. This one’s uncle, his half-sister’s cousin, and that girl that lives down the street. I mean who were these people, that Mitt is grabbing onto, kissing and hugging, as if something, anything, actually just happened?

But wait Mitt didn’t get off stage. His wife tried to save him, from himself, but her arms couldn’t fit around his ego, I mean chubby waist.

The president walks off stage and Mitt turns with a gangsta nod, maybe because he planned all along to be the last president standing. You could tell and this scares the shit out of me.

Let’s say we have a president that becomes crazed with fame. A male version of Lyndsay Lohan, her mom, and Oprah, but to be fair I recently saw Obama on my facebook feed, with a specific example.


Mr. Jay and Beyonce Z. This is too much people, as in Cra Z, and Beyonkas. Jay Z has done nothing to enhance our culture. He has offered little intelligence or social inspiration. His musical prowess and productions are not the issue. A musician is not of political thought, and to let a musician like Jay Z be glorified is honoring his wealth despite his perversions in everything else.

So the real question is: Is the burden on Obama to reclaim respect for presidency?

And can we blame him for using celebrities as a gateway to that respect?

Mitt sat next to him making this doll face, at times puckering his lips like he wanted to make love to Obama, all so we wouldn’t be able to discern any reaction. Mitt says things like: When I’m president…..and it just sounds out of tune, loud and unwelcome against Obama’s humble language, or have we interpreted the current president’s ‘if’s’, and ‘would’s’ to be affects of weakness rooted in incompetency?

We could just consider making presidency an 8 year term?
Nothing happens quickly people.

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