Tea Talk

“Inspiring others towards happiness brings you happiness” was written on my tea bag, today. It brought me to the realization that while this may be true, I can assure you that I’m not happy enough to even consider anyone else’s joy.

Yet every time I feel like this, the depths of people’s misery still shocks me.

And talking about this makes me feel naïve. Can someone tell me why it’s so un-adult like to be happy? Or maybe that’s nuts, of course people are happy.

So happy that they are willing to pay extra to sit behind some curtain at the head of the plane. A first class ticket, and Delta’s “Keep Cimbing” tagline. That’s not flight they speak of, it’s you and your strife to keep your head above water. Challenging you to make more money so you can pay them to ride the front of the plane.

This plane lands at same time, right?

These first class seats among many other customs that keep things in boxes, indoctrinates our youth into blind hate, violence, and greed, not happiness. The front section of the plane dates back to segregation, as does most municipalities.

How can we ask anyone to make a change when this lack of humanity is reinforced in everything we do?

But this is only a small example of careless messaging and its irreparable damage.

When will this nation crack down on the advertising it produces?

And when did rape become a light word?

Does it only strike me as odd that we are all ready to discuss abortion with the one stipulation being rape? Is it that common and all of us know babies are being had from aggressive sexual predators, that we can silently agree that it would be common enough to consider as the one obvious exception.

I wonder why anyone would become desensitized to rape.

Is it because the word victim seems too technical for sex and the persistent savage mentality plaguing our society.

And how weird it is that when Religion finds it convenient it invokes the puritan in everyone so that these antiquated views interfere with progressive legislation?

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