Tea Talk

My tea told me:

“It’s not the LIFE you have but the COURAGE you bring to it.”

The other day, not an extraordinary day, I was driving with an infinite sadness sitting shotgun. An infinity of irreparable and inevitable concerns stared at me and controlled my imagination, begging me to find ways to die in hopes for an effortless victory over me in my pending defeat.

But I changed fate. And it’s not like, I am so strong. I beat depression. Yea right. This isn’t the sort of thing you can come at aggressively, or with certainty of any kind.

I mean it. No matter what.

I even I heard myself say, “I just want to die.”

Even when that happens, no amount of muscle will do. And it happened just like that, in my voice making my face quiver and then ended. I didn’t have any part in it, but I feel like I mouthed it and won’t ever know if I did.

Psychology turns on a dime, those that think and discuss it, but also our own individual psyche, and while these changes are completely natural, they aren’t happening in ways that tsunamis, twisters and other disasters occur.

I thought of all the ways that my life is different now than it has been. How most things have just worked out so smoothly. And one decision led to another, bringing about great coincidences, and the whole thing seems like a grand concerted effort, but it isn’t. Luck and adaptability certainly play their part, but it takes courage to not give into habits and behavioral patterns that should be avoided.

So bring some COURAGE to your table now and forever. Drink Yogi Tea

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