For the men that say “Bless you” as a pick up line.

I don’t need your blessing. You’ll know when I’m sneezing, and we don’t keep the same faith.

Saying things like, “Damn Ma, Bless you beautiful, My God you are so fine” isn’t the quickest way for me to notice you or stop and chat. But lets be real for a second, you don’t have time to stop and chat. You got two kids and a job search screaming your name. You want me to say thank you, but why? My beauty has nothing to do with either of us. Look, this isn’t about where you aren’t in life.

Its just that I don’t think you understand one detail. While your mom thought you were special and encouraged you to express yourself, following the discourse offered in pop culture isn’t the type of expression she had in mind.

“You a big fine woman, won’t you back that thang up?” Um No.

Today, a man walked past me. “My god, bless you. You’re fine!” I walked briskly unaffected by his offering, but then he turned around to look for my eyes to say, “You gotta say something.” Should I have told him that he was also fine, like a natural exchange of hello, using any of the acceptable reliable greetings like: Hey, How’s it going, What’s up, Yo? Because thank you would have implied that somehow he was god-like, and/or capable of blessing me.

Not everything you think, must actually be said.  So, the next time I step out of a vehicle and join the curb that you happen to also be standing on, it is NOT an invitation for you to tell me, “Girl, you just get out of the car like that..(insert what might be an attempt at a sexy face.)”

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