America’s best defense: Make everyone like them I’ve been communicating since I started my travels in Europe starts like a defense, but you will soon read, friends, that it is not.

I’ll start with the simple truth that most people Europeans feel compelled to tell me how different I am from most of the Americans they have met. The Portuguese were not so articulate basically because they don’t speak English, but the translations were made and noted. The Spanish on the other hand were able to clearly outline the differences. I wasn’t as argumentative or self-centered as Americans they have met. I laugh loudly, but all was forgiven. The French however, the most inquisitive and perplexed have a lot of frustration, and rightfully so, with how arrogant and high and mighty Americans are when they are traveling abroad. This is funny for me as most Americans like to say these very same details about the French. I am not here to defend these actions for many reasons, but I do tell them that before they cast their stones there is something they should understand.

Americans may act like they are living in, hell even truly believe it is the greatest country in the world, but many of them don’t actually know any better. They don’t know the comparison, or even what the “world” means. They do not choose this patriotism, well most of them anyway. It is a product of brainwashing, years and years of indoctrination, or the simple environment one stays in. cough :: red state:: cough

So in my efforts to lift this judgment and alienation that has been placed blindly on people from the United States, I have begun a whole new conversation. You see an American high school student can graduate having only studied American History! There is the mandatory studies for ancient civilizations, like Romans, Egyptians, Middle Ages in certain areas of the nation, but its not regulated and so on… but most of what is studied is filler between and leading up to the great battles of this nation. The youngest nation in the world has bogarted an entire there really a need to draw it out over a four year high school career?

The French are baffled by two things:

1) Americans think the French people are dirty, that they don’t bathe and smell awful. They talk about this a lot and they believe it has to do with a rumor that was spread around the middle ages and recapitulated in American textbooks.

2) How crude our language is? They don’t understand that when someone says I am french, it is interpreted as I am of French origin. And, most of you would agree that these are not the same thing, but if you were to try and reenact a conversation with yourself and someone else in your head. I am not sure that you would be blind to their argument. Origins are not the same as where I myself have come from or where I claim allegiance. For this, they are true.

But friends, if you are still with me..  The United States draws people from all over the world, made by immigrants from European nations and here they experienced the biggest opportunities of success they have ever known, that were ever to be known, but in order to keep the loyalty and dedication within its own borders, they quickly learned to manipulate the people and take a systematic approach through military/government/religion and education.

Europeans will say, “Yes, you are a young nation. We can completely empathize with this, but to what end?”

Should they keep lowering their standards just to keep the US happy? Keep the companies that have both the European nation and the Americas in their pocket well fed?

With the Transatlantic Treaty European countries will be saturated with US meats and agriculture. It is an agreement that tries to bridge a gap, and while the products to come to US will be a nice influx of new cultural flair, this is an abomination to European gastronomy. Every region so proud of their own flavors, meats cheeses, and delicacies, all of their contributions are about to be homogenized and corrupted with shit-quality hormone and antibiotic fed animal products, and petroleum fueled and pesticide ridden crops.

The US of A is interrupting the health and prosperity of the world, let alone the rest of what I am not speaking about, but this is a different kind of war. Or is it?

Language : Use it or will use you

(The product of a facebook thread. Best social experiment yet.)

To think that you can write something in a certain way ensuring the way it is perceived, is to participate in insanity. There is no style, let alone the obvious limitations of the written word, that can increase or decrease the like-ability of myself or discussion. I can load sentences with condescension or any other interpreted tone and influence the effect it has on you at that moment but even rudeness has it’s futility, should you be wise.

Because these words themselves have nothing to do with me. The ways on which you receive my communication (if about an subjective matter not you personally of course. Slander is not included in this rant) has more to do with you, your efforts to be heard, the need to feel agreed with or challenged. This is the basis from which you source reaction, nothing more.

Whether or not I agree with you or that you may like me enough to agree with me should be of no concern to either of us because there’s nothing that we as humans can ever do to guarantee the feelings of another person. Feelings, like opinions, yours and mine, have no basis in who I am, and are forever changing.

Now, we are all susceptible of throwing a lil excitement into our stories, but exaggeration is a slippery slope when you talk about real issues, so please be aware of this when speaking from a comfortable town, house, school system, and bank account. Respect language, it’s all we have. Try not to put more water under the bridge and start calling things what they are. Use your words or they will use you.

Ie. Your kids will become what you’ve called them since inception “out of control” your job the “nightmare” you wake up to every morning, and husband a “disaster” that you don’t have sex with because you feel “fat” or he’s an “asshole” and besides your house is a “wreck” there’s so much to do, life is “insane” and you “can’t deal” with it, but this dress, that bag, and this glass of wine is “amazing!” (This doesn’t just go for women- only right now)

We all live differently of course and you can keep the order of your priorities as you will, maybe the sex is better when he’s an asshole and you come home from your nightmare of a job! But, for the love of humanity, it’s a big world out there, try not to lose perspective.

It is this very trap, the narrowing of vision that has us and so many countries discussing trivial issues in a time when we need critical solutions.