The more common humans of New York (City)

Side note: Am I the only one that cares to correct the author of this editorial photo journalism? His content is solely persons from NYC not New York state, never shall the two be confused, well maybe if you’re in Kindergarten.

Use a nasal Long Island inflection but take your S’s very seriously. Nearly whistle when they arrive at the tongue and try to forget that anyone exists around you.

Me: Is someone sitting here with you?
Her: They will, but aren’t here yet, soon. So soon. (Don’t forget those S’s.. they must suggest a presentation of importance to her)

“I was like, and she was like, and we were going to — but then, it was like, sooo not worth it. Anyway, What else?”

That was the sound of several conversations and also this one between women discussing business:

“I know a client just recently reminded me of that. And I am trying hard to not judge, but people are going to get it, right.”

No. They’re not getting it, they just don’t know where to begin with you.
Forgive the fifteen year olds unless they turn into the above-mentioned women:
“I wouldn’t date him, but he’s cute. I mean he has these eyes. Have you seen his eyes?”

Silent time:
Stare into the faces of advertising so as not to flip out because there are people pushing into you from all sides. You just want to pick up the handle of your handbag because it’s slipping off your shoulder, and God is that annoying, but you can’t. Not now. And, now there’s a strange smell, so things just got worse. You got your wish. And then comes spontaneous meditation:

In the logo on the arm of a strange woman’s jacket. Not all of it is clearly legible. I struggle, but not because of eye sight, just the distance between me and what goes on here. Ro-Cawer. Rocawer, but that’s so weird. What is a cawer? or what does it mean to rocaw? Ohhh Roca Wear. I get it now. But why is she the only one not wearing a Canada goose something? It seems that was everyone else’s Christmas present. #NYCmatchingcoats #CanadagooseNYC #SoWarmandMatching

Lastly, the one that’s slipping through: A man has two clear garbage bags over his shoulder filled with recyclable plastics, but I catch him without a struggle in his stride or difficulty in carrying his load. Instead, he uses a bottle of water, perhaps one of his great finds today, to clean salt’s residue from his leather sneakers. He’ll collect bottles for work, and cash them in for pay as long as his sneakers are clean. They’ve got to be clean.


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