Enjoy yourself, to yourself.

So my office building has two elevators. You know what they do, {they: the others that work here} take both up. Packs of idiots at normal rushing times, like clocking-in time, after midday coffee time, and post lunch time – they get into the two empty elevators and then take two elevators up at the same time, why you ask?

Just because they don’t want to be crowded. Welcome to NYC. We are a civilized building though. We form a line outside the elevators but yesterday this woman cuts the line and gets in first from the back of the line, just to press 2.

I pulled the pretenders out of my ears and said, “You blast through everyone on line to be the first one in the elevator so you can go to the second floor, all that for one flight?”

“Sorry I’m in a huge rush,” she responds.

“Not my fucking problem. You didn’t see a line for the stairs did you?”

But I get it – Social cues are hard. Getting over yourself is harder. People are so fucking righteous.

If we’re in a public space and I’m willing to kill my headphone battery so that I don’t have to hear the sound of our voice or anything you’re saying, that means you’ve already received two servings of my shut-the-fuck-up face, and I’m just not sure what you’re missing, or how. I have the read receipts.

The original read receipt. You looked at me and saw I was already looking at you and then I rolled my eyes. Is there a pill for that level of confidence that you have. The rest of us could or would be so inclined. How many do you have on you right now? We need this. We need to catch up.

For Fucks Sake, talking is not the same as having something to say.

Can we just discuss the art of silence, for a moment. Brief of course.

Whether it’s rock climbing, whiskey, your last bowel movement. Whatever the case may be, I don’t give a flying fuck about how much you love it. No one really does. What’s important is that you love it. All of it.

We are all climbing some rock. We are all just scratching at the surface of living and even this feels like it’s slipping away sometimes. You have the permission to totally and unapologetically enjoy yourself TO YOURSELF. So do it.