Maybe it’s you. Not the system.

One of the main problems is that you drive a car far bigger than you can handle, and perhaps all that empty space around you is weighing in on your decision to have yet another baby.
Do you even have time for another baby?
Of course you do, just like you have time for your golden retriever at the end of your day when the cleaning lady/ nani has already fed “Buddy” breakfast and dinner and has taken him on his very much talked about “long walks” by you.

What happened to the old lesson that taught us well when we were of a younger mind and had to prioritize and make sacrifices? To think about things before we just went for them, i.e. The responsibilities that were outlined to you by your parents when you asked for a dog. These don’t exist in the tri state area apparently, nor does the concept of excess.

I am watching a woman down her low grade quality deli coffee with a second trimester finalizing its form and pushing through her inappropriate clothing. She’s wearing of course the only uniform to be found at this early hour in this town and the surrounding stretch of suburbia miles: lulu lemon top, pants, and zip up Hoodie.

Here’s two things she doesn’t know besides that I can see exactly what she’s wearing for underwear because those $100 bad boys are totally see through.

1. The dangers of drinking low quality coffee.
2. Caffeine during pregnancy –

It matters not that the child may have a defect, that’s for her to conquer. But right now in this town’s public school there is a five year old that was born deaf and blind but that’s nothing, so the kid is attending public school everyday with a seeing-eye dog!

The parents of this child, and parents all over are making choices that put themselves first regardless of consequences. They don’t have the sense to accept that their dollar can’t fix everything, and in a town like this not even the principal is compelled to protect the education of the rest of her kindergarten class.

Imagine the class of five year olds and how focused they must be to not get distracted by this Labrador sitting in the middle of their classroom. It’s really increasing their productivity and the parents of this otherwise known as disabled child, (in every other town) are doing an exemplary job at pushing their child’s limits by seeing what he/she is capable of without having to fall back on labels as antiquated as “handicapped.”

By the way did you see Lulu’s new email,
Brisk Air Don’t Care.

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